The story of Dosner Organic Farms.

DOSNER ORGANIC FARMS is family-owned and operated company founded in 2011. Dosner farms is the exclusive distributor of herbs and produce for its sister farms; BRODASI ORGANIC FARMS located in Thermal, CA, and SILMATOLEDO FARM, located in Tehachapi, CA. it is managed by Silvia Jackson and her husband, Brodeli Toledo. Silvia has been in the produce industry for over 38 years and is well known in the fresh produce industry for her fairness, responsibility, and hard work ethic. She is a very resourceful women and the number one priority in her business is taking care of her customers.

Silvia is a cancer survivor, so when she had the opportunity to be part of an organic business, she was very excited. She encourages others to eat organic, season their food with herbs, and exercise. She also encourages people to love nature by caring for trees, conserving water, energy, and recycling as much as possible.

At Dosner Organic farms, we emphasize to the employees in our network of farms and the employees at the distribution center how important it is to take care of our Mother Nature so that our future generations can still have an enjoyable, healthy, and beautiful environment. We have also become more involved in our community, where the distribution center is located, by participating in food drives, assisting seniors and other programs offered by the city.

Fresh From Our Farms to you.

Dosner organic farms offers you a year-round supply of fresh organic herbs and specialty produce from Brodasi Organic Farms: that grows all-year-round herbs such as Basil, opal basil, Thai Basil, Mint, Chives, chiles and more! We are proud of our year-round production of top-quality basil. Silmatoledo Farm: grows seasonal; chives, dill, cilantro, parsley, and different vegetables and fruits in a future project. Our partner farms grow seasonal: Chervil, lavender, lemon thyme, chocolate mint, lemon verbena, lemon balm, bay leaves, arugula, hoja Santa, savory, sorrel, and edible flowers, fruits and vegetables. All our crops are always grown without harmful pesticides and are always handled with care.

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