Our Promise Towards Quality and Food Safety.

Our promise at DOSNER ORGANIC FARMS is to provide fresh, farm- grown quality and safe organic herbs and produce to our communities. We are always focused on meeting top quality expectations in every area of the commercial process, beginning from the seeds our farmer’s plant in the soil to the finish product at our customer’s table.

We use the highest food safety and quality standards to ensure our consumer’s well-being. We are registered with the National Organic Program (NOP) and with the state of California organic program (CDFA). Our Global Food Safety is based on the guidelines of (GMP) Good Manufacturing Practices and (HACCP) Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points at the distribution center. Our good manufacturing practices are used to ensure consistency through our procedures which are mandated by the organic and GFS programs. Good agricultural practice; (GAP) are used in all farms to ensure the productions of safe crops by using; integrated pest control, crop management, and agricultural hygienic practices.

These agricultural practices are also used in the fields, with the harvest crew, and in the re-pack coolers. All our growers, partners, and suppliers of any materials must go through an approval process through our certification department before doing business with us. The farms will get unannounced visits by Dosner management, the Agronomist, or the Food Safety Director to conduct and walkthrough to observe water sources, the organization and sanitation of the fields, and the health of the crops. (FSMA) Food Safety Modernization Act is also observed in our local and international farms focusing on water sources, microbiological testing, and traceability procedures.

What We offer at Dosner

• Personal customer service

• Competitive Los Angeles CA, FOB pricing, and seasonal pricing programs

• Packed to your own specifications: wholesale (bulk), retail (clamshells and bunches), food services presentations, and we also work with private labels.

• Processed under stringent food safety requirements.

• Large inventory year-round of fresh organic herbs 90% California grown.

• 100% organic certificated fresh herbs and specialty produce.

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