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Organic Purple Garlic

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Organic Purple Garlic

Purple garlic originated in northern Italy and was first brought to the United
States in the early 20th century. It has since been grown throughout the northern
and western United States.
Culinary Use
Beautiful purple bulbs with easy to peel brown clove wrappers. Hot bite when raw
pleases lovers of spicy garlic! The flavor doesn't seem to linger as long as some,
making it good for raw use, such as in pesto or hummus.

Purple garlic is an excellent source of manganese, vitamin B6, and allicin, which is
the enzyme responsible the well-known aroma and flavor of garlic but also for its
anti-viral properties. All types of garlic contain antibiotic properties which help to
lower blood pressure and cholesterol. However, purple garlic has been widely
used by traditional Chinese medicine practitioners for its various health benefits. 

Did you know?
The purple coloration in purple garlic is a result of the large presence of organic
pigment "anthocyanidin". People say purple garlic contains antioxidants that help
to keep wrinkles at bay. People can stay young looking for many years by regularly
eating purple garlic.